Why we need the Green Line  

Posted by Mr. Ellsworth Toohey

Man killed by train near the Columbia Station. OUch. Doesn't that train travel 10 or 15 mph? Perhaps that is the safest route to travel between Phoenixville and King of Prussia if you do not have a car. I really don't know the reason but that has to be a hell of a way to die.

Put up your Dukes!  

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Not quite a selfless conservative activist (at least not at first) but someone that saw pure evil (not socialized medicine, abortion, or gay marriage) and decided to expose it. It is sad that she died poor, broken and all but forgotten. I think there is a health care reform lesson in here somewhere but don't let the story get ruined by that.

Hey Hey My My  

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Joe Rooney will have some "splainin' to do" after Barry catches up with him. Joe brings up some valid points about the status of capital projects in the Borough. It wasn't until July that Andre Thorton got really going (about 4 months into the construction season. I was under the assumption that Elm Street was closed out and the project was finished. BTW, the facade grants never came about so the broken down house fronts are nicely lit by the new street lamps.

So what is the real job of Mr Cassidy since the capital projects have slowed. Are we paying $125,000 a year for a person to close out grants? We could have an intern do that. Perhaps it is another subsidy to the Parking Authority. The Borough doesn't need his help with Watch Groups. He did a great job with the Middle Ward watch a few years ago but a horrible job with the North Side watch even though he was "Watching Someones South Side" (if you know what I mean.)

It will be really hard to find $1,000,000 to cut out of the budget for next year. The coming moths should be entertaining.

Will they burn out or fade away?

Oh, Newt  

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Hey, porn is an important industry but you should really check these people out before you start giving them awards.

We Can't Afford to Wait  

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Whether you are moved by the message or repulsed by the idea being floated . . . . . . . . REM can still kick out a decent tune.

The term Lizard King is only half right  

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Does it seem strange to anyone that Parking Authority Chair Adam Devaney's resignation dated 8/12/2009 was read to Council only after the initial hearing on the backing of the Borough guarantee of a loan to the Parking Authority? For those with limited math skills, that is 26 days lag time between the letters date and the date it was officially announced to the public.
Two years ago, the Republicans used the phrase "Back Room Man" to paint the past Council President as one that did his job in complete secrecy. I hope history repeats itself.

The voters don't know but the developers understand.

Wasted time  

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Schuylkill Trail moves forward in Chester County

Is it too much to ask that Phoenixville be the primary focus of the SRT? The County makes no effort to finish this project in Phoenixville even though they stress that the higher density areas need to have these services (see Landscapes). The Right of Way for the trail in Phoenixville is still in limbo. What a mess. What is our elected officials, borough staff and grant consultant doing? The last I checked, there were roughly 4 or 5 owners of the Right of Way for this trail.

They continue to waste valuable time!


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No, not some Council President or Non-Profit executive director. The real deal. I really hate Twitter because there are not enough people like this to balance out the people with boring lives and with nothing to say. Pick out your favorite.

Sen Franken on Healthcare  

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This is the way to discuss health care with your constituents.


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The Citizens advisory committee for the writing of Phoenixville's new comprehensive plan has been announced. You may recognize the names.

Richard Kunsch
Rob Frees
Lou Beccaria
E. Jean Krack
Barry Cassidy
Tom Carnevale

I can see Carnevale. That is a legitimate pick. If the goal is to plan out the giving away of other peoples money or the begging for public funds, you have the A-Team. If the goal is to have citizens give their input for the future of the Borough, not so much. Do any of these people (aside from Carnevale) live in the Borough? Is this then a citizens committee or a business committee. I think the majority of the people should be voters. The Planning Commission sit in on this process also and they are all residents.

I guess we should be happy that they only put 2 CDC people on the committee.