We Can't Afford to Wait  

Posted by Mr. Ellsworth Toohey

Whether you are moved by the message or repulsed by the idea being floated . . . . . . . . REM can still kick out a decent tune.

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Funny that the video would have Doctors in it.I spoke to a Cardiac Surgeon and he told me that his collegues are concerned the bill doesn't address tort reform.
My dad just had a pacemaker inserted and here is the cost.
1 day at Paoli @ 5435.00
Pharmacy 9 pills @2947.00
Xray @ 288.00
Sterile Supplies @ 24,337.00
Laboratory @ 1397.00
Cath Lab @ 9443.00
Total 43,847.00

This is what is wrong with Medicare/Medicade.Healthcare needs fixing but start here.Could you imagine if he had a srious illness what the costs would be?
With Ted Kennedy worth over 500,000 million, how much do you think he paid out of pocket? All Politicians should have to join any Healthcare reform and incur the same out of pocket expenses that the average person has.

September 13, 2009 at 9:13 AM

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