Wasted time  

Posted by Mr. Ellsworth Toohey

Schuylkill Trail moves forward in Chester County

Is it too much to ask that Phoenixville be the primary focus of the SRT? The County makes no effort to finish this project in Phoenixville even though they stress that the higher density areas need to have these services (see Landscapes). The Right of Way for the trail in Phoenixville is still in limbo. What a mess. What is our elected officials, borough staff and grant consultant doing? The last I checked, there were roughly 4 or 5 owners of the Right of Way for this trail.

They continue to waste valuable time!

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Isn't it AMAZING that Chester County, the RICHEST COUNTY in PA, is the only missing link, for the SRT for the SRT?


How long has the Trail been planned in Phoenixville?


hint hint,,,,Ronald Reagan was President...

September 8, 2009 at 11:12 AM

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